Big Mouth Burgers will leave you wanting more

There is something about having a nice classic hamburger that is pleasing to the palate.

While the hamburger has had many variations come and go over the years, at its core, it remains deliciously unchanged. A bun, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and a hamburger patty; they’re basic ingredients but perfect together. And nobody does a classic burger better than Big Mouth Burger in San Bruno.
The decor at this local joint is fairly simple with plain benches and tables along one side of the restaurant, wall mirrors to open up the dining space, and a long open counter for customers to watch their burgers being grilled. What Big Mouth lacks for in space, they more than make up for it with quick and friendly service as well as delicious food.
The menu is written in colorful letters on a giant chalkboard over the counter. Diners can spend a lot of time simply reading the menu as there are many ways to customize your perfect burger. There’s always the classic burger with fries or experimental types can try one of the special sauces and cheeses. A popular specialty burger is The Hangover, which has a fried egg, bacon, American cheese and chipotle mayo.
My personal favorites at Big Mouth are not burgers although they are truly tasty. I love the onion rings and milkshakes. I often eat onion rings at other establishments that are either fried solid or are a soggy, sopping mess. Here, the onion rings are giant, crispy and full of flavor.
The milkshakes they have are pretty basic with the only choices being vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mango. However, the ice cream they use is delicious and far from the fake flavors you might find at a typical fast food chain. Sweet and creamy, the shakes are well worth their $5 price. What’s also nice is that you can combine flavors. I love ordering a chocolate-vanilla shake—the smooth chocolate and sweet vanilla blend wonderfully together.
Apart from the scrumptious food, Big Mouth has really great service. The staff is friendly and inviting, takes orders promptly and correctly, and they even always remembers to refill your water glass. Food always arrives quickly and perfectly cooked each and every time I’ve been here.

Dining in the restaurant on a nice day is always really enjoyable because the storefront windows open all the way up, letting in the beautiful weather and letting diners people-watch away.
The only downside to eating at here is the price. Although the food is delicious and filling, the cost of a hamburger with onion rings and a milkshake is rather steep at about $15. However, for the quality of food and level of service, grabbing a burger at Big Mouth is well worth the price.

Big Mouth Burgers is a family-friendly restaurant with a variety of good burgers as well as fast and friendly service. The generally pleasing environment is great to eat in so if you feel like eating at a nice burger joint for your next meal, I suggest you head here.

Big Mouth Burgers
The Bayhill Shopping Center
851 Cherry Avenue, #19
San Bruno, CA 94066

They are also located at:
3392 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110