How to make incense

Why use incense?

Incense can be a great tool to use if you want your house to smell good, get yourself in the right mood to meditate, be productive or help achieve relaxation. Making it is actually easier than most people think.

Where can you get it?

The most popular places to find incense are at the Dollar Tree, Sprouts, an ethnic market or a grocery store. In addition, there are plenty of other stores that sell incense of various scents at decent prices. Most people prefer the stick variety since it’s much easier to clean up and faster to use.

When it comes to loosely packed and raw incense, it can usually be purchased at specialty stores, such as a metaphysical store or you can find it online. This type of incense can be messy to clean up and it is often burned over a special hot coal over a period of time.

What it’s made of

Loosely packed and raw incense is made of ground up herbs, which aren’t compacted together by a paste binder called Makko. The only con of using charcoal to light the incense is that it can become extremely smoky if there isn’t any ventilation.

Incense comes in another form as well, such as cone incense. Cone incense is fun to burn because it’s easy to clean up and simple to use. However, you should be careful of where you light it because it can be combustible due to its ingredients.

The process

Other people like to take it a step further and make their own incense instead of buying it from a store. I prefer to make loose incense because I find it soothing to go through the long process, which includes drying out my own herbs. However, you can always buy the dried herbs instead of doing it yourself.

The three rules of thumb for selecting herbs are quite simple: pick them by their scent, spiritual properties or a mixture of both. You can always create your own incense by selecting herbs based on a combination of their scent and the properties you desire to have in your life.

You should choose scents that help you relax. I personally choose herbs based on their spiritual properties. Cinnamon is used to bring happiness and money, lavender can bring love into your life and mint can attract wealth.

You don’t have to believe in these properties when selecting the herbs but it does gives a better sense of intention while meditating.

The connection to meditation

Incense is used during meditation in order to become more aware of yourself and your state of mind. With the use of its properties, incense can enhance a person’s meditative state and their focus on what they want to attract, not only from the universe but from within themselves as well.

The recipe stated in this article is called “Love and Healing,” which uses a special blend of herbs to promote healing and self-love based on its ingredients.