Urban ensemble event promotes Music 287 class

Joel Clifton/Clifton Photography

Joel Clifton/Clifton Photography

Upbeat music drifted through the cafeteria Tuesday afternoon, inspiring curiosity and smiles.

The music, which was accompanied by an informational booth, was playing to promote an upcoming class for the 2015 Spring Semester. Urban Music Ensemble (or Music 287) is a class jump-started by Skyline professor, Kymberly Jackson.

“I saw a void in what was offered,” Jackson said in regard to what inspired her to create the class.

Jackson noticed that there was a population of students who were interested in hip-hop and R&B;, and that a performance class wasn’t available for those genres—until now.

Jackson created classes and a pending certificate program to provide a “class where students can express themselves.”

Not much could make this course more appealing, except perhaps, transferable credits. That’s right, a class that is fun, inspiring and transferable.

Cassandra Duong, a student who plans on taking the course in the Spring, was on hand to help with the promotional event.

“I like hip-hop, and I like dancing and singing,” Duong said. “This class is a great opportunity for students who like that.”

Duong offered invitations to anyone skeptical about taking the class. She said that this class offers an environment of people who are the same as you, that it is more like a family than a classroom.

Expressing yourself through music and other art is a main focus of the course. Two students attending the informational event said they were drawn upstairs by the music playing in the cafeteria.

“Music makes you feel good,” said Skyline student Rosetta Eli. “You can’t deny music.”

Music is the underlying heart of this entire program, and students sense this.

“I think it’s the universal language of love,” said Tiara Hyatt-Geter, another student attending the event.

Jackson worked hard to create this type of program for eager students. The vibe of the room was energetic, inviting and ready.

This type of added course “evokes school pride,” Hyatt-Geter said about the inclusion of a course so adapted to the student body.

Both Hyatt-Geter and Eli talked about how a class like this showed just how much Skyline is listening to the students. It shows a progressive step toward opening new doors and opportunities to students.

For anyone who enjoys music, especially hip-hop or R&B;, and is looking for a motivational environment with like-minded students that will grow and inspire each other, then this course is something to look into once registration starts this week.

Jackson described the course as: “Fun, transformative, dope.” If any of those words spike an interest, then check out Urban Music Ensemble.