Skyline prepares students for the road ahead


Terence Scott/Skyline View

Students peruse frats, sororities, and clubs during rush week at SFSU.

For many students there is a huge moment coming up in their academic journey this week. October is the unofficial beginning of the transfer season here at Skyline college. UC/CSU transfer applications are now being accepted beginning October 1 through November 30.

Students are highly recommended to speak actively with their counselors and visit the transfer center, prior to applying, to make sure they’re on the right path to success and ensuring they find the school that fits them best.

“Students are recommend to meet with counselors to review all transcripts from any college or universities they have attended, thus making sure that the student has enough transferable units,” said Michele Haggar of the Skyline student services center.

Many students who have transferred from Skyline said the transition was steady and mild, mainly because of how the well trained professors and staff at Skyline College prepared them.

“Attending Skyline College really helped me figure out what I wanted to do and major in,” former Skyline student Sadie Majidi said. “With professors and counselors that truly care about your education, it really helped me on my path to transferring. Once your transferred, joining a sorority or fraternity is a great way for a transfer student to make new friends fast, and build network relationships that could be very beneficial.”

Many students are in the same stressful situation right now, so be prepared for the storm that is transfer awareness month, and do not miss out. Please check in with your counselors and the transfer center to answer any further questions you may have.

The Skyline college transfer center will be hosting numerous workshops throughout October and November. To register for a workshop, stop by the transfer center in room 2227, building 2.

To receive further information check online at,