App To Tap – Toying with Temple Run 2


Screenshot by Jordan Sweidan/The Skyline View

Screenshot of Guy Dangerous running from an evil monkey in Temple Run 2

Even though most of you might know this already, Temple Run 2 has been out on the iOS app store for about two weeks, and is at the top of the charts. Not only that, but it has already reached over 20 million downloads in its first weekend alone. As if the first Temple Run game wasn’t addicting enough, its sequel brings more power ups and obstacles to surpass in a similar, yet advanced journey.

Just like in the original, the objective of the game is to run away from an evil monkey, while collecting coins, gems, and power ups to develop your high score based off of distance ran, the amount of coins collected, and the level of your score multiplier. When it comes to obstacles, a few have been added including spike wheels and rivers to jump over, as well as riding through a “coin mine” on a mine cart. You can now use your coins to purchase and upgrade different power ups such as a shield, distance boost, and coin magnet to choose from when you fill your coin meter.
From my experience, it seems to be a bit easier to reach the millions in high scores (as I’ve already accumulated over 11.7 million after playing just over 50 games) thanks to the power up upgrades, and the use of “save me” gems that you’ll often find while playing.

If you own a device that runsAndroid or Amazon OS, you’ll be happy to know that has just been released last week on those markets as well. So go ahead, download the game, and give it a test run. But approach with caution, for once you start running, there’s a high risk that you’ll never stop.