There’s an App for that! – Band of the Day

We all get tired of listening to the same music over and over again, especially on the radio. With the app “Band of the Day,” you can be assisted to stray away from the Billboard Top Hits that the radio constantly repeats over and over
again each day. We all know it can get old very quickly.
This is an app that introduces you to new artists and songs every day. Each day of the week/month it will give you a new song to listen from an artist. Most of the time they are from artists all over the world to give you an added variety.

“Band of the Day” can open your horizons to new artists or songs that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. When first opening the app, it is going to ask you if it can use your location to find you better options and if they can send you notifications for the different days and different songs each day. You can easily change these in your settings if you change your mind later on.
After that there is a “take a tour” feature which shows how everything works in the app. My favorite feature of the app is that any day you click on it allows you to see the artist and song title. From there you can click play if you choose to listen to it. This will bring you to a new screen where it gives you a description of the artist, origin of the artist and what genre of music they are cast in.

After that screen, keep scrolling over to the right to find a feature screen-which is what is continued from the previous page; the next screen is the “Buzz” screen where it shows different tweets about that artist; the next screen is the whole
album by that artist that allows you to either listen or buy and the final screen is to find similar bands that you might enjoy.
With the “Take the Tour” feature they have this calendar at the bottom that is really helpful to those new to the app. It is an easy way to be able to navigate your way through the app. “Band of the Day” is an app for music lovers everywhere. If you want to broaden your horizon on music, download this app, it’s well worth it.
Download it for free on the Apple App Store.