Trojans face a crushing defeat against Colts

On Oct. 13, the Skyline men’s soccer team faced off against Cañada College in another home game. Skyline was defeated by Cañada with a score of 1-5. Danny Basullo, the forward in the second half, scored Skyline’s only goal at the 21 minute mark. Coming off three straight losses, these were not the results the men were hoping for.

The first half didn’t start off so strong for the Trojans, with the Colts in full possession of the ball. Cañada was able to score two goals within the first 12 minutes of the game, causing the Trojans to lose some momentum. Although they showed some great foot work and passes, Skyline’s midfield struggled to exist throughout the game.

“This was an unfortunate game, life responsibilities are huge and the guys need to take the team into life aspect” Head Coach Daniel Link said. “Guys let their teammates down in the last week, a couple of guys miss a training or two, a couple miss a game or two so they sit on the bench. Hopefully it’s a lesson that you can’t let your teammates down.”

In the first half, goalie James Brignoli was able to save five on goal shots. In the second half, goalie Gabriel Ramos saved three crucial shots for Skyline. Their efforts were not enough, however, to keep the Colts from scoring four goals in the first half and one goal in the second half.

“We lacked on touches and played too much on long balls, we were giving the ball away and needed more combinations, as well as reinforcing the middle” midfielder Jorge Medina said.

The Colts were putting lots of pressure on the ball and were making it difficult on the Trojans’ defense. Trojans center back also needed to gain more control over the ball, and the striker was struggling. They lost the ball every time.

“We have a very good team, we just need to be more confident and communicate better and our leadership needs to communicate stronger” defense player Mario Fernandez said

Midfielder Cesar Siordia, who took on the role of captain for this game, had a difficult time getting the midfield to push up throughout both halves.

“We didn’t play as a team, and we really self imploded with the people yelling at each other. We just need to come together as a team and play like we did against De Anza and the high rated teams we’ve played before,” James Brignoli said.

Although the Trojans played a much better second half on defense, they were unable to hang on to the ball for long and allowed for the Colts to get away with one more goal before the final score. With a home game record of zero wins, three losses and one tie compared to their away record of one win, four losses and zero ties, the Trojans are going to have to work much harder to bring in some wins. But, with the season far from over, there is still hope for the Skyline Trojans to come out on top.