Men’s team needs more work

The Skyline men’s soccer team is in a downward spiral as of late. After starting the season with three straight shutouts, the team was hoping to pick up a second win. The losing streak continued however, when the Trojans faced Napa Valley College on Sept. 23 here at Skyline.

The Trojans were coming off a victorious game where they went 2-0 against College of Marin. It has been their only win thus far this season.

“The team has been having a hard time passing the ball on time and really focusing. There is no one there who has been really stepping up and taking over,” said Daniel Link, the concerned head coach.

The team was hoping to replace their losing streak with some more wins.

“They need team and individual consistency,” Trojans Assistant Coach Manuel Montero said. “Last game was a turning point of the season.”

The Trojan men’s soccer team last played Napa Valley about three years ago, so there was a chance to break the losing streak with that game. However, with so many years in between games, the entire team is different, making it hard for either team to know what to expect.

“We haven’t played Napa for some years now, both teams have changed since then,” Link said.

Although their teammates cheered them on throughout the game, they did not fail to mention that it was one of the more unfocused games they’ve witnessed so far and were unsure as to why such rookie mistakes were being made on the field.

The game started with Napa Valley in firm control. They were able to break down the Trojan’s midfield with quicker passes and by moving the ball out wide. Napa Valley out-shot the Trojans in a lucky 2-0 in the first half, and tried hard to out-muscle the smaller Trojan squad. The possession may have favored Skyline though, as Napa rarely pressured the ball when it was in the Trojan’s defensive third of the field. The team was playing great defense, but could not get a penetrating ball into Napa Valley’s side of the field.

The coaches mentioned that both teams seemed to be struggling with momentum and having good team coordination. The Trojans came out much stronger after the break, though they had primary possession of the ball in the first half due to Napa not pressuring the ball. They had a possession advantage in the second by outplaying them.

The Trojans were able to get the ball over to the penalty area numerous times and even picked up multiple corner and free kicks throughout the game. They were able to stop Napa Valley from scoring numerous times with some great blocks. However, though they did control the ball for most of the second half, they still could not get a shot on frame.

The score was at a total of 2-0 for the remainder of the game. The game was far more challenging in the second half, although the first half was much more physical with five penalties total and two minor injuries for the Trojans. Although this game against Napa wasn’t a win, Skyline played a great game with some great defense and is hoping for a strong comeback in the future.

“I need to be a better leader” Danny Basulto, the captain of the men’s soccer team said, when he was asked about the areas he can improve on.

The captain also encouraged students to come support their team at the games this season.