Skyline Trojans Women’s soccer game

The conference division match between Skyline College and City College of San Francisco on Tuesday was noble effort with City College scoring 2-0.

In the first half both team’s defenders were exhibiting great defense that led to them preventing each other to score. Throughout the first half it was a constant battle of the mid fielders going through and attempts to get past the defenders to pass over to the forwards in hopes that they could finish the play. It was clear that these two teams were not going to take their time conserving energy and avoid getting penalties.

But after the first half it was clear that City College’s mid fielders were having better luck pushing through defenders than Skyline’s could. Another thing to take in to consideration is that City College was maneuvering the ball faster and being more aggressive which lead to Skyline being forced to draw back. That being said the pressure played a key role that led to Skyline having to focus more on defense to prevent City College from scoring, which led to Skyline taking a punch in the first half.

“Very aggressive attacking, kind of fast moving ball style” said Kevin Corsiglia, Skyline’s women’s soccer coach.

During the second half of the game it was a different story as City College put a point on the score board at the 40 minute mark. At that point of the half City College wasn’t slowing down and was showing persistence towards the mid fielders and defenders, and constantly moving the ball which led to their first goal of the match. But after the first goal by City College it didn’t go well throughout the match and just went downhill.

Even though there was still over 35 minutes in the half left, it was still anyone’s game at that point. But as the game progressed Skyline was eager to press forward in hopes they would combat City College, but sure enough it wasn’t enough. City College’s intensity in the second half was just shutting down Skyline College and it pretty much led to City’s second goal of the match right around the two minute mark. From there Skyline couldn’t make a comeback due to the game clock running under one minute which put another loss on their overall record in which they are 3rd place at 6-4.

Overall the game wasn’t a blowout and it was good match between the two, there’s no doubt about it. But bottom line it was clear that Skyline College spent the match chasing after the forwards and it showed the players weren’t clear minded during the match. Also there’s a need for an adjustment for the team for they are a formidable team that can persevere.

“Don’t be over confident. And not every team is beatable” Brenda Gonzalez, Skyline mid fielder, said.