Digital hype: staff favorites for the month of March

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  • Adreana Estigoy, Digital editor: Anna Faris hosts a podcast featuring celebrities where they act out skits, give advice to callers and trade life experiences.

  • Laurel B. Lujan, Editor-at-Large: “I love them (podcasts “Welcome to Night Vale” and “Alice isn’t Dead”) because they have sort of brought science-fiction and horror back to life. The story lines are unique and they keep the audience at the edge of their seats.”

  • Adreana Estigoy, Digital editor: Netflix talkshow, “My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman” consists of hour-long candid interviews with guests such as former President, Barack Obama, George Clooney and Malala Yousafzai. These mini-specials are different because they are enlightening, and David Letterman asks questions that only Dave could ask.

  • Nataly Gutierrez, Staff Writer: “It’s (Netflix series, “Cable Girls” is) funny, dramatic, interesting and set in the era of Gatsby style 1920’s.”

  • Diego Perez, Staff Writer: Netflix series, “Shot in the Dark”, “gives a behind-the scenes look about journalism that you don’t ever get to see. They pull up in emergency vehicles sometimes.”

  • Adreana Estigoy, Digital editor: NBC series, “Rise” starring Josh Radnor, Rosie Perez and Auli’i Cravalho will hit you right in the feels and give theater geeks the tingles with the covers of classic songs.

  • Lauren Gozon, Editor-In-Chief: Huji Cam, an app that features retro filters with a time-stamp.

  • Cristina Macz, Staff Writer: “I like it ( Freeform series, also hosted on Netflix, “The Fosters”) because it covers so many real-world issues that are relevant today: including problems within the LGBTQ community, troubled and misunderstood youth, families being torn apart because of ICE, and other issues within the POC community, as well as properly raising the kids to believe in equality between men and women.”

  • Simone Ledbetter, Focal Point Editor: Disney buffs gather round for the ABC series, also hosted on Netflix, “Once Upon A Time”.

  • Rachelle Lamb, Sports Editor: “NBC: Stay Tuned” on the Snapchat discovery section.

  • Mark David Magat, Photo Editor: This War of Mine on Steam and Xbox One: “The setting is a civil war in a country and you play as a group of civilians trapped in a war torn city. It’s your job to keep them alive, but pretty much everything is against you. So it turns out you’ll be making really nasty choices you wouldn’t think you would just to survive. There’s no narrative, just survive. An add-on, “The Little Ones” makes the game even better; harder, but better.”

  • Olivia Bowman, Copy Editor: “(The West Wing) on Netflix, has a great cast and is funny while also shedding light on serious issues.”

  • Olivia Bowman, Copy Editor: Will & Grace (revival) on NBC, has achieved the ultimate feat of coming back with the same cast of actors as well as writers on the original show. It’s just as hilarious as the older seasons and always has a funny spin on today’s political and pop culture.”

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