Help will not find itself

Teachers aren’t the only people responsible for students’ education. It takes a lot of drive from the student as well.

Unfortunately, even for students with a lot of drive it can still be challenging to take advantage of all of the resources that their school has to offer.

Chances are that teachers and counselors will inform students about some of the resources on campus, but they can’t be expected to know all of them.

Skyline College offers a fair amount of resources and services.

Among the student resources available are the Academic Honor Society, athletics, student clubs, student government, and more. There are also more specialized resources such as the veterans resource center, the transfer center, health services, and counseling offices.

There is a large population of students that take advantage of these centers and extracurricular activities. If there weren’t the school would cease to offer them.

However students will only prioritize what they’re already familiar with, like another obvious element of going to college: money, and where to get it.

Skyline College offers work-study for students that are eligible as well.

Work-study students normally work between 10-20 hours per week in various departments. Jobs available include office aides, tutors, childcare assistants, lab assistants, and library aides, according to Skyline College’s website.

A lot of students have to work while in school. It might not sound glamorous to some to be at school for class and work, but it sure is convenient and can be generally helpful for the student depending on the position he or she is hired into.

This idea applies to students that work at Skyline College as a tutor; the student would have to be qualified in the subject and become familiar with the material. The more teaching a student can do for his or her peers results in a more confident student working around the particular subject.

This resource not only benefits the tutor, but also assists the students receiving the services. It’s a win-win for both students involved.

This does not only apply to community colleges, but all educational institutions that have resources available to students.

If you currently go to Skyline College or are planning on transferring to another school in the future, research the different programs and resources that are offered there. You won’t know what you might find until you start looking.