Trojan (Wo)man: Selfishness not welcome in bed

When it comes to sex (no pun intended) you usually want to think of it as a two-way street and share the pleasure right?

Well imagine if you had a sexual encounter where the other person had no consideration for your needs, or for the pleasure you were hoping to achieve during that bedroom fun. Just knowing that the other person is ignoring your needs, or neglecting you, they might as well take care of their business without you.

You want to feel included because when you get left out you feel angry and disappointed, like your time was wasted and that the other person does not value your time, efforts, or your body. Consider the steps you take to get yourself ready for sex: you groom yourself, shave and shower. Then for all of it to go totally unappreciated is not fair.

With that being said, when you have sex and your needs are not being met in the bedroom it is frustrating, displeasing, annoying, and just flat out disrespectful. Most likely you have gone to great lengths to get where you are with this person, now you’re not getting what you came for, and that’s not right.

Why in the world would anyone deal with such a selfish person? Well, because some people are so nice that they become the welcome mat to everyone’s home, but it’s time to put your foot down if this is you. If this isn’t you then you need not worry.

The problem with selfish sex, is that sex is supposed to be pleasing and fun and erotic for both people, not just one person. It takes two people to have this sexual adventure, other than playing with yourself or using toys, and you just enjoy having a person to hold onto and share the experience with. Just remember the keyword is share. Keep in mind that you want to be pleased and how would you want to be treated if the tables were turned.

There is an obvious chemistry that brought you two people together. Be considerate of your lover and have fun with that person. Appreciate that it is not an easy process to get into and it is a special experience two people share together.