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YouTube is joining other online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix with their recent launching of paid-subscriber services on May 9.

When I first heard about paid subscriptions. I have to admit I misunderstood what the program was about. I panicked and thought that you would have to start paying to view videos. But that is not the case. The program is part of YouTube latest effects to providing increased content to audiences. This makes sense especially when you consider that YouTube is one of the most used and watch video website available on the Internet and for free.

And of course, anyone familiar with YouTube would know that for the last few years YouTube has had movies and other content available if you pay. But with this most recent move, it allows users, especially those who own copyright to post their content and have viewers pay to use it.

It’s no different from what other online subscription services provide their viewers with, only this time YouTube is expanding their reach and building on their current business model. It’s a smart move on their part, making it easier for their viewers to find content rather then having to go elsewhere to find it.

However, this all comes back to the users. It’s up to the companies, corporations, organizations, or individuals to provide interesting enough content to draw people in. On the other end of this is that paid subscribers’ satisfaction depends on whether the content is of interest to viewers or not.