The Communist Party of the United States of America

Sometimes I really wonder if America understands what socialist governments in history have done to their people and what they are continuing to do today. I wonder why any patriotic American would join the Communist Party of the United States of America. I for one can read between the lines of the CPUSA’s deceiving messages, and I oppose its goal to create a communist America.

The CPUSA was founded in Chicago in 1919 with the goal of establishing socialism in America. They follow Marxist-Leninist ideologies and view socialism as the only answer to fixing all of America’s problems.

It is actually quite easy to interpret CPUSA’s messages of change, reform and democratic defense. Behind the great ideas and hopes there are odd things, and the CPUSA’s constitution is riddled with their misguided political ideologies.

For example, in their constitution’s preamble, they talk about how Marxists praise the progression of our country but also understand the historic limitations of the government our founders created. They throw in as a chief example of government limitations that the country failed to abolish slavery. Now, I don’t know if they are talking about the slavery we are all familiar with (which was abolished in the early 1860s) or the “worker slavery” that they point out today.

If they are talking about historical slavery, then they are correct: It was very immoral, cruel and absolutely disgusting. However, that is why our country changed. Through hard work and determination, slavery was abolished.

If they are talking about “labor slavery,” then they should point the finger at themselves, as communist governments around the world enslave their own people under totalitarianism. North Korea has its working people living in horrible conditions and fearing for their lives, while government officials live very nice lives, but I guess that’s what socialist governments are all about.

Another example of the CPUSA’s ridiculous ideologies: In Article VI Section 8 of their constitution, they state that all members of the party should help another member attain U.S. citizenship if they are deprived of the right to have it. The reason for deprivation of U.S. citizenship, as stated in the section, is unjust and undemocratic practices. So, are they proposing giving U.S. citizenship to someone who is denied it because they came here illegally?

This one is really stupid because they are basically saying that immigration laws are un-democratic. If a person needs citizenship, there is a process. Seriously, how can this group think that through our democratic process of voting and enacting laws for our country we are being unjust?

This one here is basically reverse discrimination: In Article VI Section 3, they talk about fighting all racist ideologies, such as white chauvinism and anti-Semitism. Then they talk about fighting for the rights of African Americans, Native Americans, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, oppressed minorities, immigrants and foreign-born people.

This is all great, except for one problem: What about European Americans! What about European minorities in America, such as Greek Americans, Polish Americans, and Russian Americans? The last time I checked, our people immigrated here and faced racism and discrimination too.

Regarding fighting racism, why only mention white racism? People need to realize that the United States is no longer a nation with a large Ku Klux Klan organization, and whites are not the only race of people who have bigoted, foolish individuals in their communities. We are a multicultural nation with good and bad people from all races.

What should throw any right-minded person, even without reading the entire document, is just the preamble itself. In it, the CPUSA talks about organizing millions to fight for their cause and defeat capitalism by the democratization of government, economy and working-class self-determination, yet they talk about achieving working-class internationalism by connecting with communist parties and organizations around the world. Yeah, I guess China would really welcome allowing their citizens the freedom to pursue control of their own land and economy.

The CPUSA is not a party of the people but a party of hypocrites. How can someone support uniting all people and fighting against oppression but preach the same garbage that communist governments forced upon their own people?

That makes real sense. Stand up for the rights of the working class, but once in power, destroy the right to free speech and property and standards of economic living for all people. Of course, government officials are exempt, and the majority of the now “economically equal” populous must succumb to the government’s overwhelming control of society.

Plain and simple, socialism cannot work on its own. Democracy is not the “one class” form of government, nor is it a government that allows for one ideal to rule all the different ideals without challenge. The CPUSA knows this; that’s why they sugarcoat socialism.

Their goal of “defending the rights of the working-class” is also ridiculous. Today, the term “middle class” doesn’t really sum up all of the people in this country. We have poor, lower middle class, an “average median income” class, upper middle class, rich, and super rich.

When it comes down to it, the American class system is complex. One family may be considered “middle class” but have considerably less than the “average median” income of its neighbor. When mortgage rates are decreased for homeowners because they are struggling financially, what about renters who’ve lost their jobs due to the recession too?

If you take all of this into consideration, you can see why I don’t like the CPUSA. They are using the same political ideas that Stalin used as an excuse to kill millions of his own people. And if they really think that communism is the answer, maybe they should take a trip to North Korea and ask people there if they are having the time of their lives.