Morning accident blocks eastern access route out of Skyline campus


Graham Breitbarth

Photo of San Mateo Public Safety removing the downed pole

A car accident occurred earlier this morning just outside of Skyline campus’s eastern entrance which blocked the eastern access road out of the campus. The vehicle in question struck a light pole, causing it to fall into the road. The light pole blocked both lanes causing the San Bruno Police Department to have to redirect traffic to alternate routes heading to Skyline Drive. 


One of The Skyline View’s reporters arrived on scene as the San Bruno Fire Department was wrapping up but was unable to get a statement on injuries. San Mateo’s Department of Public Safety had already begun work on dislodging the pole from the ground and removing it from the road.


Police and public safety are working on keeping traffic flowing smoothly while they remove the pole, but it is advised that the public use the alternate northern route to exit Skyline campus if leaving this morning.


Firefighter Dylan Arsenault was able to give The Skyline View more information regarding the accident later on, stating that the vehicle was traveling at a low rate of speed and was a non-injury accident. SFBD was able to leave around 9:50 am while SBPD and Public Safety stuck around to manage removal and traffic.