COVID-19: Are you Contributing to the Problem or the Solution?


Gianna Sozzi

Hopeful words are expressed on the walls during the COVID-19 pandemic in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury.

The younger generations of today are battling to continue living their normal lives with the recent shelter-in-place mandate set by the U.S. government. This mandate wants everyone to stay home and leave only when necessary, such as to get groceries, medications, and essentials. This is a challenge for many people, but it still applies to everyone because even young people can contract the virus and spread it. 

I am part of a young generation that tends to have trouble with being controlled and with trusting our own government, and so it’s likely that we will not comply with anything they tell us to do. However, in this case, the advice given by the government about COVID 19 should be taken seriously because it makes sense with what’s really going on. 

According to The Mercury News, the cases in San Mateo County have tripled in just one week. U.S. elected officials and doctors are simply trying to stop the spread of COVID 19 by keeping people at home at all times with exceptions for essential needs. So far, it has caused an alarming number of deaths and cases are increasing all around the world day by day, but this doesn’t seem to be enough for the younger generations to truly understand the reason for the shelter-in-place mandate.

Young people are still out when they don’t need to be. According to The Washington Post, young people in Miami seemed to care more about drinking with their friends and partying than themselves during this life-threatening pandemic. As a result, some have tested positive for the virus and probably spread it unknowingly. This is just an example of what you should not have been doing and should not be doing now. Despite how invincible you think you may be, now is not the time to enjoy the beach, have a picnic, or congregate with anyone who does not live in your household. The facts and statistics from every country should not be overlooked just because you see people outside breaking the rules and not taking this seriously. The numbers are still increasing as I write this.

It’s easy to think the virus will not impact younger populations because their immune systems tend to be stronger than those of older people, but this is not the attitude to have during a global crisis. You may be young and able to survive from the virus, but you could give it to someone else who may not be as strong, such as your family members who are older and more vulnerable. I am part of a young generation, so I know it’s difficult to stay home, and it’s understandable and expected for the younger generations to have a hard time because of their social lives, routines, relentless attitudes, and strong wills. However, this untouchable approach is counterproductive to the entire situation, and it can lead you to catching the virus. 

Now is not the time to rebel against authority because everyone needs to be on the same page; getting ahead of the virus. Now is the time to put your social life on the back burner because there will not be a social life if the virus continues to spread. If you think it’s unnecessary to avoid public places, you are not really understanding the situation. The spread of the virus does not stop on it’s own, and everyone needs to do their part in trying to control it. 

If our health is not taken care of, then every other aspect of our lives will continue to be impacted. The U.S. economy will keep suffering and we’re going to end up at the bottom of the hole we’ve been digging ourselves in.  We cannot have jobs, social lives, or a good economy without good health, so stay home. It should not be this difficult.