Wellness Room gives spaces to those who seek solace


Kevin Perez/ The Skyline View

Staff member Chris Christenson thinks the new wellness room is the best place on Skyline to clear the mind.

A reflection room on campus is now open for Skyline students and faculty to use for mindfulness, meditation, contemplation and prayer.

When the stress of classes or work intensifies, Skyline students, faculty and staff have a new retreat. The reflection/wellness room is located in building 6 in room 207. It gives an opportunity for anyone from any background to have access to a room they can use for spiritual and religious reasons.

This includes praying, meditation, lowering stress anxiety, relieving stress, etc. According to the American Psychological Association’s official website, anxiety is prominent in 42 percent of college students where depression follows in 36 percent.

The room is available as long as the Student and Community Center is open on a first-come first-served basis. It is provided for individuals wishing to engage in quiet reflection and is not intended to be used as a study space or sleep area.

“The benefit of the reflection room to our students is that we now have a place for them to help cope with relieving stress, help keep themselves focus, relieving anxiety and any challenges they may be facing,” said Amory Cariadus, Director of Student Development. “The reflection room is open and welcome to everybody.”

The idea of having a room where anyone and everyone can have their own space for holistic practices on campus was initially advocated and started by Khin Tahr, who is of Islamic background. She set up a booth on campus and gathered over 1,000 signatures from people who liked and supported the idea of a reflection room for students to utilize. After the plan had been presented at an ASSC meeting, the board approved it.

One of three students who were praying together mentioned how the room was beneficial.

“I’m happy to have found a room to pray in,” Baccale Homrah said, an engineering major at Skyline.

Dennis Zheng, a Student Trustee of the District explained that there is still progress to be made and the community will most likely see the improvements within 15 to 30 days.

At the moment, the room has two lounge chairs, two lamps, a shoe rack, and a cabinet filled with rugs and cushions for individuals to use. The dim lights and soft humming sound in the room help make the ambiance more relaxing. Decorations into the room such as artwork and paintings are expected to be added at a later date.

The other two students who were praying along with Homrah al elaborated on how they felt about the new room.

“We feel comfortable here because we have a space we can use,” Imad Alhaq, an engineering major said.

“I’m really grateful for Skyline because we want people to really see how Muslims are, especially during these tough times of politics,” Ahmed Almarwahi, a medical major said. “I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this”