Heated election woes boil over

Swaths assembled on the quad in favor of a safer, more inclusive campus

Hundreds of Skyline students gathered on the quad to raise awareness about communication, among other issues, between the school and its students at the SMCCCD walkout on Monday Nov. 21.

Students were encouraged to stand up and walk out of class Monday morning and come together to show support for one another after the results of the 2016 election, among other issues they saw as important.

As a crowd of students formed on Skyline’s quad, student Alfredo Olgín Jr. led the crowd with his thoughts and feelings about what it means to stand in unity. Olgín also presented a list of proposed changes as he spoke.

One of the first demands listed by Olgín was the continuation of protection for illegal immigrants. Olgín further continued with demands for transparency and equity between all three campuses. Safety for all students was a concern as well.

“We don’t need to worry about the power of the police,” he said. “We don’t need to worry about the power of the dollar. We have the power of love, we have the power of unity, and we make the difference.”

Students showed their support for his message by holding signs that read “#SMCCDSTUDENTSOLIDARITY” and “SMCCD RISE UP” as he spoke.

After Olgín Jr. spoke, the mic was then opened up to any students that wanted to share or voice their concerns and needs on campus.

One volunteer speaker opened up on sexual abuse, and how it not only had affected her personally, but also how it can affect others as well.

After the speaker opened up, others came to the podium with their own words on similar problems.

Following the open mic was a collection of call and response chants followed by a rhythmic drum beat. Student voices responded in unison.

Similar events also happened on College of San Mateo and Canada College campuses. However, it is still unknown if future actions will be taken.