USC raises annual tuition


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The iconic statue of Tommy Trojan on USC’s campus.

Cost of attendance is most often the main concern for students looking for colleges to apply to.

USC’s tuition by the 2016-2017 school year will surpass $51,000. This includes students who consider going away to college and have to worry about additional expenses like rent, groceries, and transportation. Attending a local community college will save students’ families money, and this will also give the student a higher chance of being admitted into their desired school.

With the tuition increase, financial aid may not be enough for students to attend USC, for example, since it is not always guaranteed. Some students already assume they will not receive financial aid and do not want to bother applying, like Skyline student Justine Velarde. Velarde plans to transfer out of Skyline College soon to a four year university.

Velarde’s search has been influenced by college tuitions.

“Whenever I look at schools, one of the first things I check is the price,” Velarde said. “Price is one of the main things that affect my search process for a university. Even if I see a school that is perfect for my major, if the price was too high I would dismiss it or put it at the bottom of my list as a ‘last backup plan.’”

Recently, Skyline’s Board of Governors Fee Waiver requirements have changed as well. Students who have been on academic probation for a combination of two consecutive semesters will not be eligible for the waiver. The two consecutive semesters must be primary terms, which is fall and spring.

“We have been notifying students since the Spring 2015 grade roll to give them time to improve on their Academic Standards standing and are working on an appeal process,” Colin said. “Students that lose their BOGFW and do not have extenuating circumstances will need to pay for their enrollment and fees starting fall 2016, but we will do everything we can to help students.”