Journalism on the Go


Adviser Nancy Kaplan-Biegel (Left) and Editor in Chief Marc Arguello (Right) present the awards won at JACC. (Alexis de Guzman)

The Skyline View won General Excellence for the online and print editions of the paper at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges State Convention during spring break.

The 2011 JACC State Convention took place April 7–10, 2011 in Sacramento.

“We have a better staff, and we have an interesting energy working together to make a better paper and to learn more, to do better work for our campus,” said Marc Arguello, editor-in-chief of The Skyline View.

The JACC Convention draws more than 600 faculty members and students from colleges around California and beyond, including Rhode Island.

The three-day journalism affair offered the students and faculty a full array of workshops, contests, tours and more. This JACC event occurs annually in either southern or northern California and is held in late March or early April.

“I am filled with so much pride about the work that they’ve done,” said Nancy Kaplan-Biegel, the Skyline View adviser. “I am happy that they got the acknowledgement for the hard work that they have put in.”

Eight journalism students from The Skyline View represented the college and joined different kinds of contests; they also attended different workshops to learn and hear from professional journalists from all over California.

“It was very educational,” Arguello said. “It was interesting to see how other student journalism programs around the state operate and how they work together.”

The students brought home other awards as well. Writer Marc Arguello received Honorable Mention for his column The View From Here, and photographers Larry Cortez and David Evans received Honorable Mention and 3rd place, respectively, for their work on the San Bruno fire.

“I’m very happy because I put some serious work into the online edition as the online editor,” Stephen Benoit said. “It’s just weird to get the online excellence (award) when sometimes I’m constantly criticizing the site and I’m thinking, ‘I could improve this, and I could improve this,’ and I guess somebody noticed my improvements.”

The next JACC statewide convention will occur during spring 2012 in Burbank.