Club organizes campus walk


A group of Skyline students (including Palestinian Club presidents Juli Shehada and Wala Abudamous) begin their walk to raise breast cancer awareness. (JJ Valdez)

The Palestinian club hosted an event on Oct. 12, where club mem­bers and various Skyline students did a thirty minute walk around campus to raise money, and spread aware­ness for breast cancer. All proceeds are going to the South San Francisco Cancer Research Center.

The three main organizers of the event were club presidents Juli Shehada and Wala Abudamous, with aid from Wasan Hasan, who originally came up with the idea, and contributed to various aspects of the event, including making breast cancer ribbons.

The event first took place at the quad where members recruited people to join, serving water bottles at 50 cents a pop and encouraging students to donate or wear a rib­bon.

There are a lot of victims of breast cancer, and I know some of them feel like they’re alone.” said Shehada. “So we want to show them that we are with you guys, we are trying to help and support you.”

The actual walking started at Building 6, went up towards Lot H, and all the way around Lots P and R, eventually making its way back to Building 6. Along the way, stu­dents who participated in the walk conversed amongst themselves, and only stopped occasionally for group pictures or to wave at cars.

According to Leigh Anne Sippel, the club advisor, and organizer Wala Abdumous, the original idea was to have an event to raise money, while at the same time have fun.

We are trying to get support for our cause, which is to raise breast cancer awareness,” said Abdumous. “We are trying to make something that all Skyline students would show support for as well as enjoy themselves.”

Some students, such as Caylie Garland, have never participated in a walk for breast cancer before.

I don’t have breast cancer, but my stepmom’s mom did, and I think it’s a good cause,” Garland said. “It’s just a great opportunity to actu­ally get up and do something.”

Another student who enjoyed the walk was club member Rula Abdel­halim, who felt it to be both physi­cally and emotionally rewarding.

I came today to support breast cancer awareness and to support my friends,” said Abdelhalim. “It feels good this was all done for a good cause, and it was also good exercise.”

However, the event did go through some changes as time went on. According to Leigh Anne Sippel, the original idea was to have a walk on a larger scale, but it was later decided to make it local by walking just around the school premises.

In addition, the actual event was originally scheduled to have two different walks around the school, one from 11:00 to 11:30, and another from 1:00 to 1:30. However, it was later decided to have just one from 11:30 to 12:00.

A few minutes ago, a woman came up to me and said ‘three years ago I was diagnosed with breast can­cer and I really feel good to see all you supporting us’,” Shehada said. “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish.”