Childcare Development Center hires new director

Childcare Development Center hires new director

By Larry Crystal/The Skyline View

Skyline’s new childhood development center has hired a new director, following its past director’s retirement last spring semester.

Tina Watts was hired to be the new director of the CDC following Judy Heldburg’s retirement. With over 20 years of experience in early childhood education, Watts comes to Skyline after working as the head preschool teacher of San Francisco State University’s childcare center.

“I came to Skyline because I’m dedicated to working with teachers in the field of Early Childhood Education,’ Watts said.

Watts says that the teachers working in the field receive the bulk of their education from community colleges. She says that Skyline is a particularly good choice for her, as it has a strong ECE program and an on site daycare center.

According to Watts, parents who have children in the CDC didn’t seem too surprised about Heldburg’s retirement, and seemed to be comfortable with the change.

“It seems like they were fairly involved in understanding there was a search for a new program director,” Watts said. “And although there wasn’t any parents on the hiring committee, a good majority of parents have come and introduced themselves to me and don’t seem surprised that there is a new director.”

According to CDC staff, Heldburg’s retirement was not particularly surprising.

“She was at retirement age,” said Christina, a teacher at the CDC. “She was probably planning this for awhile.” Christina said.  “We’re really excited to get things moving and really work to advocate for the program here.”

Not all parents are completely comfortable with the change however.

“I was kind of concerned,” said Ray, a parent who has had a child in the CDC for two semesters now. Ray said that he had developed a sort of rapport with Judy, and that the two knew each other on a by name basis.

“It’s important to establish a professional relationship with the director.” Ray said.

“I was happy that she was going,” says Martina, another teacher at the CDC. Martina said that she thinks that the CDC needed a change, and that it needed a new person to fight for the CDC in matters such as last year’s budget cut issues.

“Sometimes the well can run dry,” Martina said. “I think the well was dry.”