Measure H will transform Skyline, district officials say

On Feb. 27, Skyline campus personnel hosted a presentation by San Mateo County facilities officials on the future of Skyline’s campus architecture.

Over the next several months, Skyline will demolish Building 1, break ground on a new environmental studies center, and undertake various other projects as part of a huge campus reformation underwritten by a San Mateo County bond measure, known as Measure H, that passed last November.

Measure H awarded a total of $388 million to the district’s three community college campuses for facilities, renovations and construction. The measure clearly states that the funds may be used solely for architectural purposes, despite other pressing budgetary needs on the district’s schools’ horizons.Presentations were made by SMCCCD facilities officials Karen Powell and Jose D. Nuñez. Powell is executive director of facilities, maintenance and operations, and Nuñez serves the district’s three college campuses, Skyline, Cañada and College of San Mateo, as vice chancellor of facilities planning, maintenance and operations.

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The audio slideshow was photographed, edited and recorded by Max Maller (The Skyline View).