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State Assembly member addresses bill to protect student’s right to free speech

Nicole Givens

April 30, 2006

A bill counteracting 2005's Hosty decision was addressed during a press conference at Skyline College on Tuesday, April 18.The conference was held to make aware and reassure students, faculty, and administration that California colleges are doing what they can to keep their freedom of speech protected. Among those supportin...

The View from Here:

Carina Woudenberg

April 30, 2006

We were almost done planning this edition of The Skyline View, when our staff adviser, Nancy Kaplan-Biegel, hinted to us that we might be missing a crucial story. I felt it too, since there definitely seemed to be something missing from that first section of whiteboard, traditionally dedicated to news, but I couldn't place exa...

Point / Counterpoint

Gina Murray and Syed Ali

April 30, 2006

Pro: Gina Murray Heart pounding, pulse racing, suspenseful and extremely risky are all words to describe attributes of a great sport. All these words are used to describe Nascar racing, so why do some people consider it not a real sport? NASCAR racing has been around for 53 years, and has its share of upsets, tragedies, and h...

Trojans attempt to clinch second place

Gina Murray

April 30, 2006

Skyline's baseball team's 2006 season has been filled with ups, downs, streaks, and scandals and it's not over yet. The team's hugest game of the season as of yet, was scheduled for Saturday April 29, against Cañada College. If the team left Redwood City with a win, they would have clinched second place guaranteeing them post...

Game Point:

Syed Ali

April 30, 2006

Since the Golden State Warriors have missed the playoffs for a twelfth season in a row, I'm presuming that you won't have much interest in the playoffs. But by now, Warriors fans should be familiar with the myriad of blunders that the general managers have made in terms of signing, trading and drafting players.Let's go back t...

Concert Calendar

April 30, 2006

Tuesday, May 2Artist: White Rose Move ment, Citizens Here and Abroad Venue: Slim'sPrice: $13Time: 8 p.m.Address: 333 11th St., S.F., CAArtist: Coldcut, Jon SpencerVenue: MezzaninePrice: $18 advance presale, $20 at the doorTime: 9 p.m.Address: 444 Jessie St. @ Mint, S.F., CAFriday, May 5Event: [email protected] (High Energy, Salsa, M...

Take a chance on Take The Lead

Mike Whitebear

April 30, 2006

Normally, when a movie like this comes out, it's filled to the brim with your standard, run-of-the-mill movie clichés. This movie is no exception. It has your clichéd students in detention, the clichéd feeling that they're never going to accomplish anything, and the clichéd teacher who wants to give them something to...

Bar-b-q pork spareribs with french fries and coleslaw. (Sabrina Belara)

Flock to Blue Jay Cafe for some good feed

April 30, 2006

The unpretentious sign outside doesn't seem like it's intended to grab one's attention, but more so s...

Book of the Week:

Kyle Chidester

April 30, 2006

In an ancient house, whose origin is rather misunderstood, lives a family that is not like any other known family. They are a family of ghouls and ghosts, creepies and crawlies, the walking undead, and one lone mortal boy.This family and this house are the focal point of Ray Bradbury's, "From the dust returned." This novel is ...

Viva La Revolucion!

Syed Ali

April 30, 2006

Immortal Technique, the emotionally and politically enraged underground rapper, appeared at Slim's on April 12 in San Francisco with a few of his comrades from New York, where he performed several of his classic hits.The venue was small, but the people were plentiful. It was as if you were looking at sardines squished in a tin ...

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