Trojans attempt to clinch second place

Skyline’s baseball team’s 2006 season has been filled with ups, downs, streaks, and scandals and it’s not over yet.

The team’s hugest game of the season as of yet, was scheduled for Saturday April 29, against Cañada College. If the team left Redwood City with a win, they would have clinched second place guaranteeing them post-season play. If the team was defeated they would have to battle for a few more games to get that playoff spot.

CSM, the team’s long-standing rival, has already clinched the first place spot, and their winning position influenced how the Trojans played the game against them on April 27. The game ended in a 12-13 loss after a great effort put in by a lot of the team’s freshmen. Coach Dino Nomicos said he had a lot of his starters sitting out and let the freshmen play because he needed to save his starters for the important game against Cañada.

The Trojan’s loss to Cabrillo on March 30 was later protested by Coach Nomicos, but wasn’t overturned. In the game Cabrillo used an illegal player by substituting one of their designated hitters with another player. The illegal player scored the run that gave Cabrillo the lead and the win. The Trojan’s didn’t notice it until 2 innings after it was done. Nomicos said that in order for him to have won the protest they would’ve had to catch the illegal player before the next pitch was thrown.

That loss impacted the team because with the defeat they only had a two game lead before the big game against Cañada, if they had won they would’ve had a three game lead and would’ve been in a more comfortable position.

Tony Brunicardi, pitcher for the Trojans, hasn’t been able to play this season due to a strained hamstring injury, and he wasn’t the only pitcher who was injured this season.

“We’ve had four pitchers injured and only one was an arm injury,” Brunicardi said. “But we’re doing great actually. We’re streaky; we’ll win five in a row then we’ll lose three in a row. We play down to the other team’s level.”

Nomicos said another factor that contributed to some bad luck in the Trojan’s season was the weather.

“We’ve had rainy days and we can’t get out there and practice when it’s rainy and cold,” Nomicos said.

But Skyline’s field did help out the team with all the rainy days. They didn’t have to bunch up games like so many other teams in the conference had to.

This season, Nomicos had many outstanding players and couldn’t mention just a few. Nomicos recognized Nick Victor, Scott Sobczak, Nick Regnart, Mike Aicardi, Frank Kurnik, Brian Lloyd and Gaylyn Komo all as great players this season who contributed to the Trojan’s success.

Before Saturday, Nomicos said he really thought the Trojan’s will beat Cañada and make the playoffs.