A letter from the editor

A letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Viewpoint Vol. 4, a Skyline College magazine. As this semester sweeps off with the wind, I wanted to take some time to reflect about our theme for this year’s magazine: voices.

To voice something is to express (something) in words, whatever that may be.

What’s most important about utilizing our voices are the reasons behind it.

Voicing your particular opinions and attitudes are what drives our world to progress. Without a voice, and without the purpose behind it, we’re simply alive. But are we really living?

This year, we were exposed to different news regarding our political and social climate. This year, we’ve had numerous walkouts, protests and marches, along with independent investigative journalism. On the sunnier side, there was an explosion of artistic creatives at the hands of social media.

We are in the age of technology, where no matter what our opinions are, we have the right and freedom to voice them freely on various platforms.

My hopes for you, reader, are that one, you are exposed to the various voices around the world that are making a difference, and two, that this magazine will propel you to use your own voice for a greater purpose.

We all have a voice that is seeking ambitiously to ascend. Live that voice with the magnitude of your own limitless universe. We have a voice and influence and there is no better time to use it than now.


All my best,

Lauren Gozon