49ers loss is a reality check

All over social media, Bay Area natives see it everywhere “Quest For Six” but after their recent loss it’s time for a reality check. This past Sunday the San Francisco 49ers received their second loss against the Baltimore Ravens waking up the 49er faithful that the quest for six might be harder than fans think.

Before Week 13 the 49ers were at the top of the NFC West and the conference. After this loss it brought them down to the wildcard at number 5 in the division. The 2019-2020 season might have been the best season a 49er fan have seen in years where last season they experience a 4-12 record, creating jokes from the unfaithful like the “4-12ers”. During the 2017 season a saving grace was brought to the team, backup quarterback of the New England Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco and brought the team’s record up from 0-8 to 6-10. Fans left that season in amazement believing that the 2018-2019 season will make the sixth Super Bowl ring a reality. Unfortunately Garoppolo’s season was cut short when he tore his ACL during Week 3. The beginning of this season took a completely different turn when the 49ers began to pick up when, for the first time since 1990, the 49ers started the season 8-0. Fast forward today they are currently sitting at 10-2.

Fans may look at that record with amazement but there are some harsh realities within the team. 49er fans should not hold their breath and expect another Super Bowl trophy. By taking a close look at the team there might be some holes most people might not see. The offense at some point can look inconsistent, Garoppolo has thrown behind his receivers as well as dropped bad throws from their quarterback. As for the defense they have struggled with mobile quarterbacks like with Russel Wilson, Kyler Murray and this past Sunday with Lamar Jackson. These quarterbacks have been able to go through the defense before and it is one of the tiny holes the team has had. This past game with the Ravens has shown that now this late in the season coaches has realized these flaws the 49ers have and can use it to their advantage this late in the season.

The Niner Faithful can go into Monday feeling that the loss meant nothing. Being fifth in the NFC at the end of week 13 still gives them a big chance to make it to playoffs. 49er fans have gone 24 years without a Super Bowl win and it was these past three seasons that lifted the spirits from the 2013 Super Bowl loss. The die hard 49er can say that this current line up has gelled together these past three seasons with coach Kyle Shanahan.

This Sunday the 49ers have another chance to make it back on top of the NFC against New Orleans, the now respected 49ers have a brand new challenge ahead of them. Fans just need to let the players do their work before they believe that sixth ring is on the way.