The Insanity of Fantasy Football

The NFL season kicked off its 100th season back in early September. While the players on the field began to get ready for sixteen weeks of athletic competition. Other players begin to have a virtual competition where real money is involved.

And when that season starts a group of friends, coworkers and even strangers can take the game of fantasy football. The most famous example of how serious fantasy football can be is in the FX comedy series The League that gave ridiculous examples on how serious the game can be. The show revolves around six best friends who will do anything to win a simple trophy. But, that is a made up comedic world. In real life these groups of doing anything to claim the championship of fantasy football actually exist.

Antonio Navarro, Raul Ramirez and Adan Marquez are three students at Skyline who were in the same league for the past five years and they describe the insanity that fantasy football can bring.

Like in the NFL, Fantasy Football starts with an annual draft every participate in the league gather around in person or in front the computer to draft the best players of their team. Every team consist of one quarterback, one tight end, two running backs, two wide receivers along with a defense from any NFL team. Also, six back up players are needed for your bench.

“When the draft comes around theirs combination drunk guys talking s— having fun and sober guys taking it seriously, with pages of notes, so you don’t know what to expect ” says Ramirez

“The pressure is on when you see a player you wanted get taken from another person that’s when you scramble into deciding what player you need next. Then, you hear everyone’s reaction it gets in your head and you don’t know if your pick was good or not.”

Not every season can be fun and games, a lot of people take the game serious when it can cost you all you can win.

“Last season I was involved in an even trade with someone who was at the bottom of the league and myself who was on top but one person began hate on that trade and later everyone was hating on the trade.” Marquez explains the huge conclusion to their league just last year.

“Next thing you knew we had all our money back and the league was over.”

Every fantasy football league is different with its own rules and in this league they have fees so every one involved stayed on their toes.

“To make things interesting for ever player you’d forget to bench we’d charge them ten bucks.” Navarro explains how the season continues and the punishment that come in at the end.

When a league comes to an end and the champion is standing tall, the last place loser must suffer.

“Three years ago we decided that the loser deserves a real punishment, so for whoever gets last place gets a very special haircut that the rest of league decides”

The people who sign up for fantasy football know that they are putting in hundreds of dollars on the line and gamble in winning a good amount of money but they are also agreeing in humiliation . The game of fantasy football can take a lot of dedication and all that matters is if you’re serious enough to handle it.