A look in to Fog Fest

Every year in Pacifica, the city holds a massive event consisting of community-based vendors and big name companies; of course, we’re talking about Fog Fest.

The Bay Area is known to hold a plethora of events and activities for its residents and visitors. The event hosts large company vendors and small community-run businesses or collectors.

Fog Fest mainly consists of shops and businesses advertising their goods and services. But other than spending money on merchandise, you can also meet animals, such as llamas and pigs, or maybe even play in a small carnival and win a stuffed animal. You can also experience other forms of entertainment like watching live shows performed by local bands and performers.

A lot of the event attendees aren’t from the area, some of them come from other parts of the Bay, but many others are locals and regularly attend the event. When asked if they were locals or not, Andy Mooney and Mike Madsen said they come from Pacifica, more specifically the valley, and offered some helpful tips on when and how you should spend Fog Fest.

“We always come on Sunday ’cause the weather’s usually better, the parking’s usually better,” Mooney said. “You come during a 49ers game, record it and then go home and watch the 49ers game. There’s a strategy involved.”

Fog Fest also consists of smaller, local businesses such as AMS Sheet Metal, a local company that helps make heating products. Tod Boland said he and his co-workers come every year to promote their business. But that doesn’t mean the vendors are limited to local shops. Big name companies and organizations are also there such as The San Francisco Chronicle.

The Bay Area never stops amazing people with its beauty and its activities. Fog Fest is yet another example of this area’s many attractions and beauties, such as its people and its culture, coming all to one place.