Money Saving Tip:



I work at a supermarket so it always surprises me how little people take advantage of the special deals they can offer.

Be sure to check for coupons in the supermarket’s weekly advertisements or on the supermarket’s website before making a trip to the store. Sometimes grocery stores like Safeway or Lucky will elevate the price of sale items if you chose to buy under the required amount of offered sale items.

You can compare Lucky and Safeway’s prices for the week and choose which store has the best deals. If you’re considering switching to buying store brand products, Lucky claims that you can save up to 20 percent off your shopping bill if you replace name brand products with store brand items.

Every week Safeway also offers a special 48-hour sale where they offer huge price reductions on selected products for two days out of the week. If you’re thinking about visiting Safeway during the week, try to shop on these days (and ideally earlier in the day) in order to have the opportunity to take advantage of the sales.

Lucky is also giving away a free frozen turkey breast (up to 8 pounds) or a whole turkey (up to 14 pounds) with each $99.99 purchase you make (excluding alcohol, stamps and dairy) up to Thanksgiving. Also, if you want a 10 pound turkey breast, it costs $1.99 per pound of breast after the initial free 8 pounds and $1.29 per pound of whole turkey after 14 pounds.

So if you’re considering buying supplies early for your holiday dinner or have the sudden urge to make a huge shopping trip, break up your shopping order in increments of $99.99 to capitalize on the Lucky deal. Also, don’t forget to bring the turkey/breast you want to the check stand to have the checker scan it at the end of each order because supermarket employees will not ask if you want the free bird.