A Surprising Turn of Events

Twenty-year-old Eric Brewer, who was shot at Skyline College on Wednesday, September 2, now faces four charges, according to Assistant District Attorney, Karen Guidotti.

The charges are as follows: Possession of a firearm on campus, possession of a loaded weapon in public, possession of a concealed weapon, and a commission of a felony by a gang member.

Brewer is not the only one who has court proceedings ahead of him. Germaine Benjamin, who is 18, shares the same charges as Brewer.

If either of these two men is convicted of these four crimes, they will face a maximum of three years in prison, says Guidotti.

Before their actual trials, both Brewer and Benjamin have to go through a preliminary hearing, which Guidotti describes as a “probable cause kind of hearing”. Brewer’s date for this hearing has been postponed and will be re-determined tomorrow. Benjamin’s is scheduled for Oct. 6.

In the Pacifica Tribune, it is mentioned that witnesses said they heard anywhere from three to five shots, and it appears that the police have not ruled out the possibility that more than one person pulled the trigger of a gun.

According to the Tribune, the police are still looking for some suspects, including the people who they believe are responsible for shooting Brewer.

Also printed in the Tribune is that authorities think that the incident was gang related, and that Brewer and Benjamin both belong to the same gang.

No one was available at the San Bruno Police Department to confirm or elaborate upon this information.