Students’ Reaction: Are We Safe?

With the worst already behind us, some believe it is time to move on, but for others the events of Sept. 2 are still fresh in their minds.

The shooting on campus is by no means anything approaching the scale of Columbine or Virginia Tech, but it is still traumatic for some students. Some people feel like more should have been done while others feel merely indifferent. What is certain is that everyone has their own personal opinion.

Based on our online poll and fieldwork, the majority of students actually feel little to no change in attitude about campus safety towards the shooting. However, there were various disappointments ranging from actions taken by Skyline officials to the media’s portrayal of the suspects and victims. One student expressed his anger that the school had been canceled at all, stressing, “I was most displeased that classes got cancelled for the rest of the day.”

What many students mainly feel bothered by is the fact that the event even took place on campus in the first place. Some students can’t believe that it happened at Skyline, which is located in a relatively safe community. Other students found it a great shame that the shooting seemed to have nothing to do with Skyline aside from the fact that the victim stumbled into one of our buildings.

In an effort to help students who may still be in shock over the incident, Skyline offered free counseling for anyone who might need it, but unfortunately this service has not been utilized by students. Some students have thought about going to counseling while others simply feel nothing toward what occurred, but for the most part it would seem that many Skyline students won’t be attending counseling.

Even students like Carla Prater, who was shocked and surprised when first hearing about the incident stated “No, I wont be going to counseling…I feel the security is handing the situation well, so yes, I feel safe.” For whatever reason, it would seem that most students are either not affected by the shooting or are coping with it in their own way.