Weezer and Blink 182 Rock the Shoreline

Last Sunday at the Shoreline Amptheater Blink 182 headlined a sold out show with Weezer, Taking Back Sunday and Chester French. Getting in a little late I missed Chester French which didn’t really bug me much and even though I’m not a fan of Taking Back Sunday it was a treat to just be at a concert. From almost right when I got comfortable on the lawn it started raining, lightly drizzling at first then a little heavier as the night went on, but whereas rain might ruin some occasions it only served to make the concert experience better. Then Taking Back Sunday came on the stage and it was cool to just chill and wait for the two bands I went to see. Weezer started their set with their drummer Patrick Wilson narrating what he loves about San Francisco over pictures of the city. Then the band came on stage and opened with Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, which just served to get the crowed pumped even more. From that they transitioned into Hash Pipe and hit after hit from the Green Album, Make Believe and a song from their upcoming CD Raditude. Sound wise Weezer sounded great live and their stage presence was also great. Singer Rivers Cuomo wearing an all white Adidas track suit, as was the rest of the band, was running around on the stage, hopping on speakers and even playing “Island in the Sun” on his own and getting the entire crowd to sing along. When they left me and my friends agreed that Blink 182 would have to do a great job to show up Weezer. Sadly, in my opinion, they didn’t. While seeing Blink did throw me back to the nineties and they did play all their old hits, it didn’t have the energy that some bands I’ve seen have. Also the banter between Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge seemed stupid and vulgar, which didn’t offend me as it was more just idiotic and not funny. To get the gist of it after Blink finished I hoped for Weezer to come back and play a few more songs. While I did enjoy the rain and seeing Blink 182, Weezer with their much better songs, charisma and all around better performance stole the show and I would definitely have enjoyed it just as much if they headlined. It was a rainy evening but seeing Weezer live made getting soaking wet totally worth it. If you get a chance to see them I strongly suggest you do.