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When the new Turok game was announced a while back, it put me through a lot of different feelings. First I was excited because of the fun I had playing Turok 2 on the Nintendo 64, then I remembered how the Turok game for PS2 was pretty ridiculous (dinosaur riding cowboys), then I saw the screens and read how the game was going down and I became excited again. Before the game Joseph Turok was in Wolf Pack a Black Ops team, led by a man named Roland Kane. When in Wolf Pack, Turok decides to leave when berated for having a conscience and not killing. After Wolf Pack he joins Whisky Company, an army unit which is tasked with hunting down Kane for committing war crimes. But when they get near the planet that Kane is hiding on, their ship is shot down and Turok must fight through soldiers, dinosaurs and other monsters to take down Kane. When I bought the game and played the game I thought that even though the story was kind of bad the gameplay, graphics, weapons, and enemy AI were fantastic. Here’s some reasons why if you have a PS3 or an Xbox 360 that Turok would be a good game to look into to: First off, the weapon selection is great. There’s long-, mid- and close-ranged weapons, such as shotguns, sniper rifles and even a mini-gun, but my personal favorite is the combat knife and the bow, because stealth is also an important aspect in the game. With the combat knife you can sneak around in high grass, taking out soldiers without alerting others and the same can be done with the bow except you get longer range and the option of exploding arrows. Another part of the weapons that can change up the game play is their secondary modes. Each weapon’s secondary mode can come in handy for different situations such as the shotgun’s flare, which when stuck to an enemy will attract dinosaurs to attack them or the mini-gun’s secondary mode as a stationary turret to help fight enemies – and when it comes to the enemies in Turok you’ll need all the strategy you can get. The enemy A.I. in Turok isn’t the best I’ve seen in a videogame, but on normal difficulty levels they are troublesome and on higher levels they can be downright insane. Early in the game it’s easy to take down a few soldiers but as they get tougher and smarter you’ll have new enemies with tougher armor and better weapons. They’ll flank, call in teammates, and snipe you from afar. Also, being how this is a Turok game, enemy soldiers aren’t your only problem. As you might’ve noticed I mentioned attracting dinosaurs to soldiers. Well, they don’t only attack soldiers, so on occasion you’ll have to keep aware for packs of Velociraptors, Baby T-rexes, or the occasional giant dilophosauruses. The fight at the end against Mama Scarface, a 30-foot tall T-Rex, is very fun and just the right amount of challenge so it’s not weak. The bad things about this game are probably the amount of weapons, there’s not that many, and the story which is filled with bad one-liners which don’t help out at all with the overall game. If you’re looking to play Turok I strongly recommend a rental because the $50 it costs to buy isn’t worth it.