How to better prepare for a job

 (Derrick Smith)

(Derrick Smith)


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Finding a job is sometimes easy but preparing oneself for the job isn’t so easy. Many people around the world have had good and bad experiences during the interview process of a job. Some people say the most difficult part of being interviewed is asking the right questions concerning money and how to approach the interviewer.

. “My past experience has qualified me to work as student assistant with EOPS,” says Lily Ding, a 35-year-old student who’s majoring in Business Management. The campus career center contributed their time and effort in putting together Ding’s resume and cover letter, detailing her past work experience while continuing her education on campus.

“When asked questions during an interview, always answer questions carefully with planning and preparation,” says Ding. Listening to what is being said is also a critical part during an interview process. Knowing the right questions to ask could also help the interview. “Helping students around campus is like helping myself,” says Ding.

, “Developing social skills, leadership skills, patience, and self composure are key elements in becoming better equipped for a job.” says Gesarae Morgate, a 19-year-old student who is majoring in Forensic Science. Finding a job wasn’t hard for Margate. Her mother, who is the Administrative Secretary for the office of Vice President and Student Services, told her about the job.

Taking classes in career counseling has helped some students during the interview process of a job. Clearing your mind of all things, rehearsing in advance, and believing in yourself could boost your self-confidence during the interview process. Believe in yourself and what is being offered to you knowing, that you will make a good impression to the interviewer.


– Practice, prepare, and rehearse for an interview with a friend or family member.- Use the school library, read newspapers, and search the Internet to find resources about the company.- Know the company’s objective, goals, and goods.- Remember facts about the company.- Write questions to ask during the interview.- Meet an employee of the company.- Dress accordingly.