Have a nice summer, see you next fall!



With the fresh start of a new semester, many opportunities can open for many Skyline students. This upcoming fall, new and returning students will have the opportunity to show-off their skills by joining one of the fall’s competitive sport teams.

This fall 2009, both teams of soccer and volleyball will kick-off their fresh new season. After months of recruiting and auditioning, this fall all of the teams will have their best selected teams ready for the new season.

Although there are many new players that will be joining these teams, in most cases the majority will be returning players and the expectations are even higher.

“We have a good number of returning players; players that I know and I can start a game with,” said Women’s soccer coach Kevin Corsiglia. “All returning players went to playoffs last season and they are very hungry to go back.”

Each player is an irreplaceable part of the team, each one contributing with their very own talent. New and returning players have the same chances of succeeding and gaining respectful positions.

“They all have chances to make an impact,” Corsiglia said. “All interested players have the same chances.”

All different teams are highly competitive and at times it can be hard to keep up. Since they are college level leagues, the expectations are high for both new and returning players.

“I expect a lot from all my players,” said volleyball head coach, Rayannah Salahuddin. “No whining, no crying, just working.”

Recruiting can be one of the toughest things to do, since, as a coach, they have to make sure that the player will survive in the league and will be able to continue to higher levels of education.

“We have good numbers and many new faces, it is a good step in the right direction,” said Men’s Soccer coach, Danny Link.

Even though most teams have the same goal, which is to win and go to playoffs, each coach has very specific goals about getting there.

“I hope to see consistency, commitment, and academics in all new and returning students,” said Link.

Academics are very important for the teams at Skyline College, not only because they will determine eligibility, but also because all coaches strongly suggest and support students to continue their studies to four-year universities.

“More important than going to playoffs, for me, is for my girls to get recruited and matriculated into four year schools,” said Salahuddin. “In my team… all players are treated first, as students, second as people, lastly as players.”