Preparing for summer school classes can be a great experience


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Students around the country are getting ready for summer to enjoy the hot weather and spend quality and fun times hanging out with friends and family. With only a few months to enjoy, some students’ summers are cut short because of summer school. As the semester comes to closure, some teachers look forward to teaching students who may have to continue at a summer school session.

Summer school is definitely not a priority for many students, even though it helps promote students to the next grade level while keeping them busy during the summer. Students are helped with math, reading, and language skills while enhancing valuable lessons in completing their educational enrichment.

Certain subjects, such as history, science, and arts, are difficult for some students to pass, which makes them have to repeat the course through summer school. During the beginning of summer school, students are placed in higher classes according to test scores and course work which is offered to help the students pass. Many schools offer online courses which can be very helpful for those students who may be employed or would like to take summer trips.

Several students who look forward to working during the summer break may have to continue summer school online. Online courses that are offered are very helpful to a lot of students who don’t like to return to school during the summer. Most students who repeat summer school dread enrollment, but know it could help them in the long run.

Young mothers who can’t afford to pay daycare while attending summer school don’t have options when it comes to their child. The single mother’s first priority is to take care of the child and find time to fit school in later.

As the economy continues to struggle, teachers are being laid off daily, schools are closing by the numbers, and programs are being taken away which are affecting children, teachers, and students around the country. In certain cities where school closure is threatened, many students face repeating the same grade.

In my opinion, summer school should not be offered and schools should allow students the opportunity to make up grade work and extra credit in obtaining the required work during regular school sessions. When students who attend summer school or school year round, they don’t get the opportunity to enjoy a summer vacation with friends and family, which I believe to be a bummer.