Opinion Piece: Cats vs. Dogs

 (Google Images)

(Google Images)

Cats are better than dogs, in my opinion. They are less demanding, they are less annoying, and they are a lot lower maintenance.

It’s nighttime, and you are ready to just relax and watch one of your favorite shows. It has been a hectic day, and you need peace and quiet. You sit on the couch, get nice and cozy, and then, as soon as the show starts, your dog will jump up onto your lap and either start licking your face or will have one of its squeak toys and start making a ruckus trying to get you to play with them. Now, a cat, will sometimes come down when you are watching a show. They will also jump up on your lap, but all that they will do is curl up and purr, adding to the tranquility instead of disrupting it.

Another time, it will be 3a.m. and you will be in a dead sleep when a dog will suddenly go into a barking frenzy. Sometimes, they will continue non-stop for five minutes, and I kid you not. It doesn’t even have to be during the night for it to get on your nerves. You could just be eating dinner and trying to have a conversation with all of your family when dogs will, numerous times, fall into a barking fit. Cats, on the other hand, are just the opposite. You never hear a peep out of them. Often times they will cuddle up on top of you while you are asleep and you won’t even notice a thing.

Dogs are a lot of work to take care of. You have to get them food, take them for walks, play with them constantly, and teach them not to attack people when they enter the house. I’ve heard many people say that having a dog is very similar to raising a baby. With cats, however, it is very simple. All that you need is food, water, and litter. They don’t need toys, they aren’t constantly demanding your attention, and they aren’t meowing at every little thing that comes by the house. They are very self-sufficient and do their own thing.

I know that asking dogs to change these, in my mind, negative aspects surrounding them would be asking them to change their nature, and that is not right. I mostly let Spike, my sister’s dog, do all these things because that is who he is. And this is why I am writing about all this, to sort of let out my anger on paper, and not on Spike. In the end, I guess dogs will be dogs and cats will be cats. Needless to say, however, when I grow up and move out on my own, I will be sharing my home environment with a cat, not a dog.