In Profile: Jan Fosberg



In the last issue, you read about the co-ed badminton class. Now, it is time for you to learn about the person behind it all, Mrs. Jan Fosberg.

Fosberg’s love for the sport of badminton began back in High School, where she played on the team.

“I loved that it was quick-paced,” Fosberg said. “Anyone can play.”

What was one person’s misfortune turned out to be Fosberg’s opportunity to get into the business of badminton coaching.

Fosberg was a student athlete here at Skyline when the badminton coach had to leave for a couple of years due to an injury, so she was asked if she would fill in for a couple of years. She accepted, and found that she really loved it and decided she wanted to do it full time.

Fosberg, however, did not start her coaching career in badminton, but instead in volleyball, which she coached at Notre Dame and Santa Clara. In addition, she has also coached softball.

Fosberg intends to only coach one sport because it is hard work and too difficult to spend the time with multiple sports and teams.

One of the goals that Fosberg hopes to accomplish with her co-ed badminton class is to give any males who want to play a chance too. There cannot currently be a men’s badminton team because of a law that was passed way back in 1972. Known as Title 9, this legislation guaranteed equal rights for both genders.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, if there were to be a men’s badminton team, then there would be more male team sports than women team sports, and this would not be permissible under Title 9.

Fosberg does not have any current plans to institute any more badminton programs at Skyline.

“We only have one gym,” Fosberg said. With many different sports teams and physical Education classes, “it is difficult to get more gym time.”