Facebook Opinion- Employers check list

Its alright, because people go to an interview prepared, and it is just a good way to distinguish people.  (Brenda Cancino)

“It’s alright, because people go to an interview prepared, and it is just a good way to distinguish people.” (Brenda Cancino)

As the economy worsens each day, there are more and more people that are in need of jobs. Nowadays, getting a job can be really challenging; employers just demand more from an applicant.

Recently, many employers started using social networks such as Facebook or Myspace as a tool to hire employees.

In my opinion, it is a fair tool to use. It is almost impossible for an employer to get a real sense of who the person is by simply looking at their application.

At times, even in interviews it is really hard to determine their real personality because most people prepare themselves for it.

People tend to be nervous and, at times, might even rehearse, word by word, the things they will say at the interview. This makes it really hard for employers to find out who they are, especially if the applicant is putting up a front.

The same way employers have the right to do a back ground check on each applicant, they should be able to search the web. Anybody that owns a computer has a chance to access the web, therefore have the opportunity to search anything and everything.

As soon as a person decides to post personal information up online, it automatically becomes open to the whole wide world, and it can be very hard to control the audience.

Social networking pages can be used to one’s advantage, only if it is used properly. Many artists, writers and models use these pages as a way to network and show people their work.

This is a great advantage because it is a way to promote one’s work for free.

When employers see that you have some type of work out on the web, it can be very positive because it shows initiative, dedication and confidence. This will only benefit those who used these social web pages for the right purposes.

Recently, there has been much controversy about the way these pages are affecting students negatively. This only shows that the issue is not about the pages, or the employers looking at the pages. It is mainly about the way people are using them.

If people are constantly posting negative comments or pictures of themselves, people around the world and possibly their next employer, will perceive them in such a way.

So remember, next time you are posting something online, be conscious about what you post because it can be a sick pervert or maybe your future employer looking at it.