Keeping up in today’s economy has become an increasingly difficult task for many of us, whether we’re struggling to pay our bills, watching our properties decline in value, or have difficulty finding a well paying job.

It is the latter that we at the Skyline View look to help our readers: we regularly update our calendars online and in the paper for upcoming job opportunities for fellow students. The career expose and job fairs regularly held on campus are for local businesses to interview and speak with our students, and potentially hire those seeking work.

Today, employers ranging from UPS, Kaiser, the Air Force and the Army had separate booths in front of the student center, promoting their company as the one that you could potentially have a career with.

Students were also greeted to a large banner as they drove in from College Drive onto campus that read “Career Expo,” next to an enormous arrow pointing to the where the event was held.

What we at the Skyline View have noticed however is the rise in recruiters this time around from the military. The Air Force, Army and National Guard all made appearances, hoping to score a couple more recruits from our campus.

There have been long debates over the maximum amount of times the recruiters can legally visit the campus, but we generally disapprove of the increased visits to Skyline.

We believe that the campus should be having more school recruiters instead of Military recruiters.

Having so many military recruiters around might pressure students to drop out of college in order to join the Army. Although there is nothing wrong with joining the army, under pressure, students might be making a decision without putting any thought into it.

Skyline’s Career expo is mainly to help students find a job not only to help us pay for school, but also to find a job related to our major. It is not meant for military recruiters to come pressure us anymore than is necessary.