Friday the 13th

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Everyday seems to be a normal day for most of us besides holidays and birthdays which are celebrated every year according to ones belief’s or traditions. The weekday of Friday The 13th is remembered by all, especially children, but even young adults, grown folk and some old people.

I remember growing up as child, we used to ask our mother could we go to school or outside to play on Friday the 13 and she would say “you are not going anywhere today, it’s Friday the 13. Something bad might happen to you.”

My family would say things like if you step over someone’s legs the person could become shorter. Also, if you’re driving or walking across the street and a black cat crosses from the left to the right of the car you will have death in the family. Lastly, if you sweep someone’s feet you would have to spit on the broom to keep the person from having bad luck.

As a child I never understood why she said that until the year of 1980 when the first Friday the 13 movie came out on HBO directed by Sean S. Cunningham. The movie was very scary and full of drama and horror. The next school day every one would talk about the movie and how scary it was.

Now that I am an adult I understand the old myths my mother was telling me was not true. I asked my mother as an adult why they use to tell us about the bad things that would happen to us and she would say “they told it to us.”

This pass weekend I saw the movie Friday the 13. The movie seems to be a remake of the second Friday the 13 that was shown in the eighties. I enjoyed the movie along with everyone and their mommas.

Jason shows his stuff by peeking through windows at a couple having sex, throwing guys against the wall and using sharp objects to split people’s wigs and not even giving them a chance to ask why?

Friday the 13 is a day to remember in all generations from past to present. It marks a day for those who believe that bad things will come to or happen to you and a day for others to enjoy watching Friday the 13 at theaters with family and friends.