Victory in their grasp

For my first viewing of a wrestling match it was pretty entertaining to watch Skyline destroy San Jose State 39 to 7.

With the ten weight classes going head to head in the beginning it was pretty evident that Skyline was going to win and not only win but dominate. Out of the ten matches there was only one where Skyline struggled a little bit and another where one where Skyline barely won. But other then those two, the Trojans effectively broke San Jose’s grapples and takedowns and reversed to pin and score point after point.

When asked what attributed to the win, head coach James Haddon had this to say,

“We are a good dual-meet team, while some teams focus on two or three great players to win in tournaments, all of our players are all good so we do well throughout.”

This was evident in the constant turnarounds that Skyline was dealing to San Jose whether it was takedowns, pins or with whatever player starting on top or bottom Skyline wrestler’s managed to escape or reverse to win that match.

You might wonder how Skyline would destroy San Jose with such a high scoring win. For some it might be training constantly but is that all? The reoccurring factor that could get win seems to be the drive to win.

“If a player is pumped and they’re ready to go at it then that helps winning so much more” says Haddon.