RocknRolla Review

A missing lucky painting, seven million Euros, a presumed dead rock star, gangsters, and street-smart hooligans, yup it’s a new Guy Ritchie movie.

If you’ve seen any of his previous movies such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch” then you know what you can be expected to see. “RocknRolla” is a cool, humorous crime movie that when it ends it’ll leave you wanting more.

This movie doesn’t really have one individual plot line as there are so many characters. “RocknRolla” is about Lenny Cole, an old-school businessman, who has Uri, the new Russian competition, must pay him seven million Euros to build on land that Lenny essentially owns. This takes us to his accountant Stella. When the money transfer is on its way to Uri, Stella hires One-Two and the Wild Bunch to rob the men carrying the money.

Meanwhile Johnny Quid, a heroin addicted rock star who faked his own death to kind of get away, has not only everybody out looking for him but also the lucky painting he stole from his step-father Lenny, which coincidentally was lent to him from the Russian. Meanwhile Stella organizes another robbery which gets the Wild bunch in hot water with some Russian war criminals and Lenny.

If you’ve kept on to that description then I really recommend you go and see “RocknRolla” because it really is a great movie that is entertaining throughout the entire movie and while I’d admit it’s not as great as Guy Ritchie’s previous films it’s damn close. To quote Archie, in a role done fantastic by Mark Strong,

“It’s not about drugs, drums, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend. We all like a bit of the good life – some the money, some the drugs, other the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But a RocknRolla, oh, he’s different. Why? Because a real RocknRolla wants the fu****g lot.”