Women’s Voleyball triumphs 3-2

 (Jay Johnson)

(Jay Johnson)


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Skyline’s Lady Trojans versus Monterey Peninsula College’s Lobos was an awesome game. There were lots of crazy hits between the teams and amazing saves that eventually netted Skyline the game 3-2 matches. For the first match it was neck and neck with some vicious spikes from the Lobos and the Lady Trojans providing a fantastic defense. Throughout the match the Lobos were leading by 1- 2 points until a few bad serves let the Trojans take the lead 21-20. A few nice plays with Trojans keeping close to the net increased their score over the Lobos to 24-21.”We are a defensive team” says head coach Rayannah Salahuddin.And it showed as the Lady Trojans fended off the Lobos to win the first match 25-23. The next match didn’t go as well because a few bad serves nabbed Monterey College an early lead 4-1 and some more brutal spikes widened the gap even more to 15-9 in the Lobos favor. So the Trojans called a timeout to regroup but alas they couldn’t keep up and the lead got bigger with the Lobos leading 18-10. For the rest of the match some crazy plays happened as the ball went back and forth only inches from being knocked out of bounds. Our Trojans scored four more points but couldn’t keep the Lobos away and lost the second match 25-14. With the score being tied 1-1 the Lady Trojans went into the third match with a vengeance gaining a lead of 4-1 early on then gradually scoring more and more on the Lobos raising the score to 10-4. But it didn’t last as the Lobos somehow caught up and gained the advantage with 14-11 over us. Throughout the match the lead kept going between the Trojans and the Lobos with them slowly pulling ahead in the end and winning the third match 25-21. Now with the Lobos leading in matches 2-1 the Trojans had to pull it together and win two more matches to gain the lead and the win for the night. From the beginning to the end of the fourth match the Trojans were holding off the Lobos’ awesome spikes with a fantastic defense and showed great teamwork. The Trojans eventually got ahead in points and won the match 25-17, leaving it tied between them, 2-2.With the fifth and final match going on it was a tense time as each team was scoring well. In the final moments the Trojans were one point from winning and the Lobos were trailing behind by a point. With the ball being knocked around it was nail-biting as the Lobos’ kept sending it back to our side only for the Trojans to send it back repeatedly. Finally the Trojans hit it back and the Lobos couldn’t missed leading to us getting the final point and the Trojans winning the game. All in all it was a good game with lots of tense moments. But while the game was good the team has had bad luck this year with injuries but as Salahuddin puts it,”There have been outrageous injuries, but every year we get better and better.”