Sex Drive review

It’s a good thing Sex Drive is quickly leaving the theaters.

Too many people have been fooled by the advertising suggesting that Sex Drive is a movie starring Seth Green-he may be in the film, but he’s far from a star character. Instead, we get a too-good-for-his-own-good Ian (Josh Zuckerman) doing his best to be lovably dorky, but only managing to be an awkward straight man to an overwhelmingly zany supporting cast.

The only exception to this is the aforementioned addition of Seth Green, who saves the film from being a huge failure.

Sloppy sex jokes abound (as the title suggests), but there are ways to achieve gross-outs with finesse. Unfortunately ‘Sex Drive’ uses blunt force, inserting as many jokes about anything from jism to scat play as humanly possible.

At one point the smooth-talking Lance (Clark Duke) is making sweet, sweet love to a woman he’d just met when she squats over him and attempts to make him her toilet. That’s how this movie will make you feel-like a toilet.

So if you’re looking for a raunchy teen comedy, you’d be better off enjoying ‘Road Trip’ or ‘Superbad’ or even ‘The Breakfast Club’ in the comfort of your own living room with your favorite sobriety eliminating substance. All in all, ‘Sex Drive’ isn’t worth the admission money and, frankly, stale popcorn isn’t worth sitting through this horrible, horrible movie.