Gas prices continue to drop




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Students at Skyline College are affected by the decline of gas prices, since most students commute everyday to school. According to an article from, the gas price average has declined to $2.92 per gallon. Last month’s average was at $ 3.80.This can be very beneficial to students for many reasons. First, it helps part-time students save more money, therefore won’t have to work as much and be able to concentrate in school. “The reason why prices went down is because the summer is over, and after the summer people tend to drive less, therefore gas is cheaper,” Vanson Nguyen, a Mathematics professor at Skyline, said.This could be one of the reasons, since we have seen that pattern in previous years. Some students here at Skyline believe that the reason the gas prices have gone down has to do with the recent elections. “I know it is temporary, and I think it is because of the elections,” Reden Robles, a student at Skyline, said. Most students and faculty are very happy about the decline, which bring some extra money. “I love the fact that the prices went down, I just don’t want to jinx it!” Nguyen, said. Some students are very worried about the change of prices, and ultimately hoping the prices will not go back up. For some students school can be very expensive, and driving is not an option. They have to carpool with other students or ride public transportation. According to Raymond Chung, a Skyline’s student, the price of gas prices might often affect the enrollment here at Skyline. “Gas prices definitely affect enrollment,” Chung said. “My friend used to go here; but when they raised the prices he was forced to go to a closer school.”