Hoping for a cold one in a hot place

I’m going to go out on a limb to say we’ve all had those nights. Nights where a few drinks of alcohol and the right people turned it into the craziest time of your life. Nights that you talk about for years to come. Now imagine you’ve had dozens of those nights and you threw them together into a book. Well then you’d have I Hope They Have Beer in Hell by Tucker Max.

Let me say that this book is definitely not for children. There is a lot of drinking, vomiting, sex, language, and fecal matter as well as other content that people would find offensive. But I’ll say this; this book is so damn funny.

Story after story you’ll be laughing and laughing. If you’re a guy reading IHTHBH you’ll probably love it and think, “Tucker Max is god”. For the fairer sex you’ll either love it or most likely hate it for Max’s rampant asshattery towards women, but at least he admits his antics are cruel on occasion.

Now after all this pumping up of the book, I bet you’d expect a quote or something that makes you laugh and confirm that trip to Borders or wherever to purchase this book. So to please you I scoured the Tucker Max archive to find a good one. And here it is: “It was the coolest thing involving alcohol I had ever seen. Being OCD, I had to see it again. And again. And again. 6 rounds of Flaming Dr. Peppers later, I was fu**ed up, and we had nearly set the bar on fire. People, heed my warning: That stuff is Special Olympics in a pint glass. You think they are harmless and not very strong, and the next thing you know it is an hour later and you are in the bathroom of the bar with your pants off, surrounded by five girls, giving your boxers to a bachelorette party because one of the girls is cute and told you that you had a nice butt. Be forewarned.”

Remember, this experience is pretty tame; it’s a level five out of ten compared to the rest of the craziness in IHTHBH. There are so many more crazy, hilarious stories that go on. If this intrigues you then I want you to grab $12.95(plus tax), head down to the book store, and buy this book. You won’t be disappointed.