Traitor: This movie won’t turn on you

Traitor, a new spy movie starring Don Cheadle as an explosives expert working for the FBI to infiltrate a terrorist cell, seems to me to be a very much underrated movie this year. There were great special effects, fantastic acting from Cheadle and Sa’d Taghmaoui , who plays a Muslim terrorist that recruits Cheadle’s character into the terrorist group.

Throughout the movie my attention was on the screen as Cheadle went all over, from the United States to Canada to Europe, planting explosives for the terrorists while sub sequentially going deeper into their group, evading the Feds and keeping in contact with his superior, played in a small role by Jeff Daniels.

All of the actors did great in their perspective roles but Don Cheadle stole the show as Samir Horn, a conflicted former special ops agent who infiltrates a terrorist group to take out the head, when watching him you can feel his remorse at killing civilians and when he talks about what his religion is about you can see the devotion to its true teachings.

And even though this movie is fictitious some key factors in the movie can be felt by real people. Such as the “terrorists are everywhere” fear that a lot of people have, because one of the main jobs of Samir was to go all over the country and talk to people that the terrorist group had planted years before to bomb places in United States. But the thing is, is that the people looked like everyday Americans.

There was a terrorist who looked like everyday people, driving regular cars, living in the suburbs, and going to college. Until Samir comes to tell them that it’s their turn to be a martyr then they turned into terrorists determined to blow up buses. And in a sense it does make you go, “ohhhh crap” but it IS just a movie so don’t be paranoid.

All in all this is pretty good movie with solid acting, some moments that are very dense and a good amount of action compared to dialogue. So if you want to see a movie that hasn’t been hyped by millions of marketing, and isn’t a remake of an Asian movie, comic book or novel then go see Traitor you’ll be pleased.