Bookstore swamped by student sales

The Skyline College bookstore at the beginning of the year is deluged with people not only buying new books, but selling old books too.Once you go to sell your books back you receive a refund for your book, and half of the price you paid for it is given to students.Holly Hui, an undeclared employee at the book store who helps students find their books, used to think that selling her books back to the school was a bad idea. However, Holly would consider bringing her books back for a full refund where she could use the money to purchase books for the upcoming semester.”Every semester teachers order books and that really is what determines what the bookstore is taking back,” said Sara Torrigino. “Students get the most for their books if the teacher uses the books multiple semesters, and that’s why the bookstore encourages that – they get used books but don’t give as much back for the books which are a lot less for students.”The bookstore only takes a certain number of books, the teachers specify how many students they’re receiving in their classes so they only take a certain amount of books. This is the reason why some students don’t get the most for their books. Some of the students either came too late or the bookstore has hit their limits.”A lot of students ask questions and take advantage of the bookstore,” Amanda Bortoli said. “I’m going to sell back as many books as I can because sometimes they don’t take back the books depending on how many they have for sale.”Amanda would still sell her books back even if she got a refund for a quarter of the book’s value.The bookstore usually gives back fifty percent on buyback. They have professional buyers from the publisher come in and buy back books but don’t give as much back for the books, which are then resold to new buyers at full price. The bookstore passes out cards, usually at the end and the beginning of the semester, that explain when students can come in to purchase their books. Students usually sell their books towards the end of the semester and purchase books in the beginning of the semester.Used textbooks, which are cheaper, are much harder to find as the semester goes on.”The reason why there’s not a lot of used books is because they always go first and if they don’t get a lot of used books back then they would have to buy new books,” Sara Torrigino, a bookstore employee said.Books are being bought back to keep the used book system going. It provides students with cheaper text books and it keeps the publisher from making new additions. Once the publisher orders new editions the cost goes up for the students. The used book system really saves the students a lot of money.”The bookstore is convenient for the students because the books they need are always in the bookstore if the teachers order the books on time,” said Sara. “The bookstore tries to get a lot of used books from other schools but sometimes can’t, if they stop making the used books they have to buy what they can in order to keep up with the classes.”Although the bookstore faces challenges with students selling and buying back books, with students receiving half for their books, the students will profit while the bookstore hopes and anticipates sales figures.